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We carry out scenario analysis and research to examine and understand how potential changes to supply and demand will impact the future of fossil fuel-exposed companies and projects. This analysis helps the investment community better understand the financial implications of tackling climate change

Kind of Blue

Power & Utilities Report June 2024

The real climate impact of Blue Hydrogen and Gas-CCS  Our report reveals that CO2 emissions from Blue Hydrogen and Gas-CCS...

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Misaligned and Timed Out

Energy Transition Blog March 2024

The fossil fuel industry is having a bad energy transition: It is misaligned with stakeholders, climate targets and is...

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Paris Maligned II

Report March 2024

Paris Maligned II: Climate alignment assessments reveal oil and gas company transition risk exposure The window of time to...

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COP28 Update

Blogs Blog December 2023

It’s the end of Week 1 of the COP. This is often the point when the negotiations seem stuck in a morass of complexities and...

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Tohoku Electric Power

Report December 2023

Tohoku Electric Power is one of the largest power generation and transmission companies in Japan. It has 17 GW of own generation...

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Stranded Strategies

Energy Transition Blog September 2023

Oil and Gas company narratives about the future of fossil fuels remain positive, their bank accounts are full. But their...

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Are we winning?

Energy Transition Blog September 2023

To paraphrase the Charles Dickens classic, A Tale of Two Cities: in 2023 in terms of energy, we are in the best of times, and in...

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Annual Review 2022

Energy Transition Report August 2023

Find a round up of Carbon Tracker's research and outreach activity in 2022. In 2022 we saw global shocks catalysed by Russia’s...

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Gone with the wind?

Analyst Notes Analyst Note June 2023

Investments in the electricity grid are not keeping up with the rapid growth of wind resulting in record losses of green...

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Missed Pitch

Analyst Notes Analyst Note May 2023

 Many leading asset managers’ investment practices deviate from climate positioning. As awareness of the climate crisis...

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Marginal Call

Analyst Note February 2023

Recent extreme price spikes for the GB power market have triggered key discussions over whether the time has come for a shift in...

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EU Gas Summary

Report January 2023

Decarbonising CCGT, grids & Scope 3 Emissions Engie needs to consider retiring merchant CCGT capacity. Its plans to...

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RWE: Starting to walk the talk

Corporate Research (Power & Utilities) Report October 2022

RWE is bringing forward the closure of 3.1GW of lignite capacity at Niederaussem K, Neurath F & G from end 2038 to December...

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Ukraine FAQs

Report June 2022

Fossil fuel commodity prices are likely to remain volatile with the prospect for further embargos. This is a manifestation of non...

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2021 at Carbon Tracker

Blogs Blog December 2021

2021 Wrapped Up Here is an infographic of the key events that took place at Carbon Tracker and in the climate space in...

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Put Gas on Standby

Report October 2021

Unabated gas plants’ future role in the power system should be predominantly limited to backup reserve to allow for flexible...

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The IPCC’s Red Alert

Energy Transition Blog August 2021

On Monday 9th August, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) delivered a climate report warning of ‘code red for...

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2020 at Carbon Tracker

Energy Transition Blog December 2020

Carbon Tracker's Christmas Cracker had a makeover in 2020. This infographic originally went out in our December newsletter,...

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50 States of Play

Regulatory & Policy Blog October 2020

Given the 24 hour news cycle around the US Congressional and Presidential Election, it would be easy to focus only on what...

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The Ghost of 1837

Regulatory & Policy Blog September 2020

Passing transformative climate change legislation through the U.S. Congress will be one of the major legislative battles of this...

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Annual Review 2019

Coal Report July 2020

Click here to view Carbon Tracker's Annual Review 2019 In 2019 our objective was to accelerate the energy transition by...

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Apocoalypse Now

Analyst Notes Analyst Note October 2019

The energy complex has EU coal generators in a chokehold. Are policymakers and investors prepared for what comes next? In this...

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The Decline Rate Delusion

Energy Transition Analyst Note April 2019

The argument is often made that oil reserves have high natural decline rates which necessitate the continuous investment in and...

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When capex met climate

Regulatory & Policy Blog February 2019

BP and Glencore announce plans to link fossil fuel investments to Paris Agreement goals 2019 is shaping up to be the year in...

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Scope for Improvement

Analyst Note January 2019

Why carbon intensity ambitions are welcome, but strict limits on future project sanction remain the route to Paris...

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Répression du carbone

Report May 2018

Vers un SEQE-UE conforme à l'accord de Paris Notre modélisation de cette compression de l'offre suggère que le prix de l'EUA...

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Carbon Budgets Explained

Oil & Gas Blog February 2018

A PDF version of this paper is available here. An updated version of this note is available now in Carbon Budgets: Where are...

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