In response to state regulations, Colorado oil and gas well operators have submitted their financial assurance plans.

On this page we will compare their proposed plans with the presumptive financial assurance amounts set out in Colorado’s new rules.

To make our assessments, we are analyzing data published on COGCC’s database and corporate attestations in the financial assurance plans and are comparing our base case (financial assurance amounts indicated by the presumptive plan guidelines and regulatory cost calculations) with the plans proposed by Colorado operators.

What we find is that while some total financial assurance is increasing, the rules fall short of the legislative mandate to ensure that operators can fulfill every obligation imposed by law, and the proposals fall even shorter still.

This page will be continually updated as we complete financial assurance plan assessments. Please refer to this blog for further details.

Company Name

Bonding Review

Maralex Resources Inc

Omimex Petroleum Inc

Williford Resources LLC

Fritzler Resources Inc

KP Kauffman

Company Inc

Own Resources Operating LLC


O'Brien Energy Resources Corp

 P O & G Operating LLC 

PCR Operating LLC


Dover Atwood

Evergreen Natural Resources LLC

Smith Energy

Helena Resources Inc