During the inaugural London Climate Action Week – Carbon Tracker co-hosted the Climate Risk and the Capital Domino Effect event held at Allen and Overy in Spitalfields on 03 July with MSCI and PRI. Targeted at the mainstream investment community to explore the political, technological and financial opportunities and challenges necessary to transform the global energy system.

Introducing the event – Alison Gowman, Alderman of the City of London announced a new Green Finance Initiative 

Mark Fulton spoke to the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI’s)  ‘Inevitable Policy Response’ to climate change as a forceful policy ratchet takes effect to achieve Paris

Our New Energy Analyst Kingsmill Bond outlined the role of technology in the Energy Transition – driving a peaking of fossil fuel demand in the early 2020’s which will enable a strong policy response to deliver the Paris Agreement.

Bond criticised International Energy Association (IEA) forecasting, which consistently underplays the growth of renewable energy and points to stable future demand for fossil fuels.

MSCI’s Marion de Marcillac said: 

Following these presentations was our investor panel, moderated by Mark Campanale. Alongside Mark was Alison Martin (Zurich), Marta Janovic (BlackRock) and Seb Beloe (Wheb Asset Management).

PRI’s Sagarika Chatterjee followed the panel with some closing remarks before introducing the final speaker.

To close the event, Mike Thompson from the UK’s Committee on Climate Change explained how the UK can deliver on it’s commitment to Net Zero 2050.

Thanks again to our co-hosts PRI and MSCI.

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