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We carry out scenario analysis to examine and understand how potential changes to supply and demand will impact the future of fossil fuel-exposed companies and projects. This analysis helps the investment community better understand the financial implications of tackling climate change

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Energy transition Analyst Note 20 November 2020

Nothing to lose but your chains: The emerging...

Falling battery prices and the electrification of transport systems in emerging markets will reduce dependency on oil imports and decimate...
Energy transition Blog 10 November 2020

Unleashing the river of change

The exit of Trump removes the greatest impediment to the energy transition, and will unleash a great era of creativity and opportunity as...
Energy transition Blog 05 November 2020

The Energy Transition – The Time is Now

A key tipping point was reached in 2019. Global demand for fossil fuels peaked and is unlikely ever to recover to its pre-crisis levels....

Annual Review 2019

Coal Report July 2020

Click here to view Carbon Tracker's Annual Review 2019 In 2019 our objective was to accelerate the energy transition by...

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The Decline Rate Delusion

Energy transition Analyst Note April 2019

The argument is often made that oil reserves have high natural decline rates which necessitate the continuous investment in and...

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Statoil: U-turn on EVs?

Energy transition Blog June 2017

Does the oil major’s 2017 Energy Perspectives mark new thinking for the company? On June 8th, Statoil published the 2017...

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