The Earth’s temperatures continue to rise causing catastrophic climate change. The risks of climate change are having major impacts on global financial systems and geo-politics.


Carbon Tracker’s mission objective is to advocate for, promote and achieve an understanding of the financial and environmental risks associated with investing in carbon, encouraging investors to act. 

Our vision is a climate-secure global energy system, where capital markets are aligned with the reality of climate change. We are helping to map the transition of the fossil fuel industry to stay within the aim of a 1. 5-degree budget, and meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

‘A Tale of Two Investors’ highlights how Business As Usual (BAU) practises can no longer bring the prosperity it has for so long due to lower returns, and how investing in the energy revolution can not only be profitable, but benefit the environment and combat global temperature rise.

Carbon Tracker’s research over the last decade has demonstrated that BAU is no longer an option if we wish to remain within limits of the Paris Agreement, and significant shifts in behaviours and policy need to be actioned as soon as possible.