Oil and gas companies are starting to recognise the impact that the energy transition will have on their core business model and the impact.

With growing societal awareness of the need to act on climate change, an arms race of corporate climate goals has emerged, outlining the path to “net zero” alongside claims of “Paris alignment”. While appearing similar, such company targets (or ambitions) can have wildly varying impacts on reducing the environmental impact of company activities; implicitly they also reflect company expectations of the pace of the energy transition.

Building on the 2020 and 2021 Absolute Impact reports we provide an update to our ‘Hallmarks of Paris Compliance’ framework and relative ranking table of climate goals for 15 of the largest oil and gas producers. Alongside, this report will dive deeper into the credibility of companies’ stated goals, and assess the proposed approaches around the use of carbon offsets and carbon capture and storage technologies for emissions reduction.

What happens next?

  • How will these oil and gas producers deliver those targets and how credible are they?
  • Will companies move away from oil and gas, or will they turn to CCS and other technologies?

This session will include a presentation of the report followed by a panel discussion with energy and finance experts, alongside a Q&A with the audience.

Speakers include:

  • Mike Coffin, Head of Oil, Gas & Mining, Carbon Tracker
  • Maeve O’Connor, Associate Analyst, Oil, Gas & Mining, Carbon Tracker
  • Ashim Paun, Head of Sustainable Investing, Triton Partners
  • Andrea Mercante, Global Head of Long-Term Strategy, Eni
  • Henrik Jeppesen, Head of Investor Outreach – US, Carbon Tracker

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