5 December | Dubai

Against the backdrop of the escalating climate crisis, the challenges of how to smooth an orderly and socially just energy transition are coming under ever greater scrutiny. Governments in the Global North are having to address how to accelerate the energy transition and provide the jobs of the future based on a low-carbon, clean energy economy.

Governments in the South – notably, but not exclusively, producers of natural resources – are considering increasingly how to manage the economic and financial shocks of the transition, not to mention their greater vulnerability to the physical impacts of climate change. There is a recognition among the policymaking constituency as a whole that a mix of supply-side and demand-side measures will be needed to navigate an orderly transition.

Working out the transition is also a complex task for investors and other stakeholders who need to balance the often conflicting impulses of risk and opportunity in the energy and related sectors.

The energy transition will moreover be under further attention because COP28 will take place in Dubai, under the Presidency of the UAE Government, which is a major producer of oil and gas as well as several of its neighbours in the region.

Against this background, Carbon Tracker Initiative proposes to convene a major event to showcase supply-side and demand-side themes, and then to consider them through an investor/stakeholder lens.

Speakers will include representatives from NRGI, Power Shift Africa and IIGCC.