Carbon Tracker invites accredited media to attend our programme of events which will take place during the UN Climate Change Conference, COP25, in Madrid

7 Dec | 16:45 -18:15

Hall 4, Room 5

Session1: Measurement and attribution of climate contribution to finance

Organiser: Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

To shift from incremental improvements to transformational changes in climate actions, financiers should be incentivised to conduct green investments. This requires the measurement and attribution of their scope 3 climate contribution, a complex task that raises several new and challenging issues.

Speakers include: 2 Degrees Investing Initiative, Carbon Tracker, European Investment Bank, Standard Chartered Bank.


9 Dec | 4-5pm

US Climate Action Centre

Is Net Zero achievable in the power sector? Challenges, achievements and expectations for European and US utility companies.

Organisers: Carbon Tracker, Edison Electric Institute, Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI)

Many lessons can be learned from the recent market trends in the European power sector, such as the consolidation of the European carbon market and the asset underwriting driven by the sharp and continued cost reduction of renewables, now fully competitive against coal. We will look at what path the US power sector is on in comparison with the European trends and what policies and technologies are driving the industry decarbonisation. We will hear from two major European and US power companies, which have all committed to achieve a Net Zero emission target by 2050, who will talk about their unique challenges, progress and future expectations.

Speakers include: Carbon Tracker, Orsted, PNM Resources, Rocky Mountain Institute.


10 Dec | 9AM-12PM

Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Systems Transformation for a 1.5 Degree World

Organisers: Low Emissions Solution Conference

Mark Lewis,  member of Carbon Tracker Advisory Board, Head of Climate Change Research at BNP Paribas,  will speak and represent CTI on the panel session on 10 Dec at 9.15AM on Defining Metrics: Ensuring Impact for Sustainable Development.

Flexible reporting methodologies give way for greenwashing, providing a free pass to companies and nations who are promising far more than they are prepared or planning to deliver. Rigorous reporting standards are needed to hold entities to their commitments and in other cases, analyse gaps. Such standards will clearly distinguish between good and weak performers in the sectors that need to decarbonise, and offer insight into how various sectors support and overlap with each other. This panel will discuss successful undertakings in terms of developing sustainable development analysis which promote and disclose dynamic incorporation of both emission reduction efforts and sustainable development priorities such as those covered with the SDGs.

Speakers include: Carbon Tracker, Columbia University Center on Sustainable Investment, Iberdrola, MIT, UNFCCC Global Climate Action Portal.



11 Dec | 3-4.30pm

Benelux Pavilion

Different Perspectives on the Energy Transition

Organisers: Carbon Tracker, European Investment Bank (EIB), International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

The energy sources powering our societies have been undergoing a period of rapid change. Renewable energy has emerged as a technologically feasible, economically attractive and sustainable choice that increasingly can meet the economic needs of many countries, corporations and citizens, moving to the centre of the global energy landscape.

This event will first set out the economic case for the technology-driven transition. It will then look into what investment vehicles can speed up the process presenting the perspectives of both private and public financial institutions. It will finally examine the socio-economic implications of such a deep transformation.

Former Irish President, Mary Robinson will open the debate providing her views on how the energy transition will advance climate justice and effectively address the impacts of climate change. The panel debate will then offer concrete examples of what some of the key international players in the sector – OECD, IRENA and EIB – are doing to help drive the transition.

Opening keynote: Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland, now Chair of The Elders and founder of the Mary Robinson Foundation on Climate Justice

Speakers include: Carbon Tracker, European Investment Bank, IRENA, OECD.


12 Dec | 3.30-4.30pm

Nordic Pavilion

Coal Out, Renewables In: Sharing Economic Insights and Exploring the Benefits

Organisers: BEIS Powering Past Coal Alliance (PPCA) Team

Through collaboration with Carbon Tracker, who will offer a preview to the update of their 2018 global report (, the Powering Past Coal Alliance will convene a discussion around what policymakers need to do to transition to alternative clean energy sources. This session will focus on how to turn no new coal beyond 2020 into a reality; through discussing some of the economic opportunities around transitioning to clean energy and what policy mechanisms could be implemented to help countries do this. This event will also look to views from representatives from the UK, Canadian and Danish Government around their experience and what support is available to developing countries looking to transition to renewables. We will also explore ways in which we can collaborate with countries across South East Asia and look to involve Government representatives and organisations across the region.

Speakers include: Carbon Tracker, CCLA, COP26 President, Danish Minister of Environment and Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI).

We are waiting to hear confirmation from: UK and Canadian Government, think-tank NGO representatives (IEEFA), Representatives from South East Asia Govt, GGGI, South East Asia Energy Transition Partnership.



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About Carbon Tracker

The Carbon Tracker Initiative is a not-for-profit financial think tank that seeks to promote a climate-secure global energy market by aligning capital markets with climate reality. Our research to date on the carbon bubble unburnable carbon and stranded assets has begun a new debate on how to align the financial system with the energy transition to a low carbon future.