11 December | Madrid

The energy sources powering our societies have been undergoing a period of rapid change. Renewable energy has emerged as a technologically feasible, economically attractive and sustainable choice that increasingly can meet the economic needs of many countries, corporations and citizens, moving to the centre of the global energy landscape.

This event will first set out the economic case for the technology-driven transition. It will then look into what investment vehicles can speed up the process presenting the perspectives of both private and public financial institutions. It will finally examine the socio-economic implications of such a deep transformation.

Former Irish President, Mary Robinson will open the debate providing her views on how the energy transition will advance climate justice and effectively address the impacts of climate change. The panel debate will then offer concrete examples of what some of the key international players in the sector – European Investment Bank (EIB), International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) – are doing to help drive the transition.


Opening keynote:Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland, now Chair of The Elders

Mark Lewis, member of Carbon Tracker Advisory Board and head of Climate Change Research, BNP Paribas

Robert Youngman, Team Leader for Green Finance and Investment in the Environment Directorate, OECD

Nancy Saich, Managerial Adviser, EIB

Rabia Ferroukhi, Deputy Director of the Knowledge, Policy and Finance, IRENA

Moderator: Richard Folland, Government and Policy Affairs Adviser, Carbon Tracker

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