9 December | Madrid

Many lessons can be learned by the recent market trends in the European power sector, such as the consolidation of the European carbon market and the asset underwriting driven by the sharp and continued cost reduction of renewables, now fully competitive against coal.

During this discussion we will look at what path the US power sector is on in comparison with the European trends and what policies and technologies are driving the industry decarbonisation. We will hear from two major European and US power companies, which have all committed to achieve a Net Zero emission target by 2050, who will talk about their unique challenges, progress and future expectations.

Anders Holst Nymark, Global Public Affairs Lead, Orsted

Patricia K. Collawn, CEO, PNM Resources

Elizabeth Hartman, Manager in the Office of the CEO and the Electricity Practice, Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI)

Mark Lewis, member of Carbon Tracker Advisory Board and Head of Climate Change Research, BNP Paribas

Moderator: Richard Folland, Government and Policy Affairs Adviser, Carbon Tracker

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