11 May | Online

The election of President Joe Biden brought a seismic shift in U.S. government policy toward climate change. This episode will feature an in-depth discussion of what role the new U.S. delegation will play at COP26. Panelists will explore America’s past efforts, what are the key issues for the U.S. going into the conference, and what will this mean for addressing climate change and the energy transition.

The webinar will also touch on two policy developments—the Biden Administration’s across-government effort to make climate-friendly administrative policy and efforts to provide markets the information they need to price in the energy transition.

Speakers include:

  • Susan Biniaz, Climate Attorney, Member of Secretary Kerry’s Special Presidential Envoy for Climate
  • Samantha Ross, Founder, Assurance Mark
  • Robert Schuwerk, Executive Director North America, Carbon Tracker
  • Nicholas Kusnetz, Reporter, Inside Climate News

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