Are the fossil fuel industry’s projections adaptable to a clean energy future? Join Mark Fulton, Senior Research Advisor to Carbon Tracker, for a webinar organised by MSCI, to learn about the latest investment trends associated with climate change and a low carbon future.

Institutional investors have a pivotal role to play in moving the needle on climate change. They also need to understand the investment risks and opportunities posed by the political, economic and regulatory transformations required to keep global temperatures below 2°C. The webinar gathers a panel of experts which will discuss

  • How to measure the carbon ‘footprint’ of portfolios
  • What tools can help implement low carbon investment strategies
  • How to identify and manage portfolio exposures to carbon-related risks



Chris Vernon, ESG Analyst – Extractives, MSCI
Emily Chew, Vice President ESG Research, MSCI
Mark Fulton, Senior Research Advisor, Carbon Tracker Initiative
Moderator: Michael Salvatico, Vice President ESG Coverage, MSCI

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