3 October | London

In an evolving world, humanity needs to adapt to thrive. After the COP26 conference on combating climate change, we now have eight short years to meet some of the most ambitious collaborative goals in history, with many countries and organisations aiming to halve their greenhouse-gas emissions by 2030.

But just how solid were the promises made at COP26 in Glasgow? How can companies ensure they deliver on them and prepare for more commitments at COP27? When an ever-widening pool of standards and regulations is being developed, which ones should you follow? And how should you start getting ready to adapt your business in case climate targets are not met?

Richard Folland, our Policy & Government Affairs Advisor will be moderating the session: What data should be made transparent in climate disclosures?

Meanwhile, Kofi Mbuk, our CleanTech Analyst, will be participating as a panelist for the panel Hydrogen’s promise of a greener future.

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