2-4 March | Online

On 2-4 March 2021, the UK and Canadian Governments, co-chairs of the PPCA will co-host a virtual PPCA Global Summit to boost international commitment and cooperation to shift away from coal power generation ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in November 2021.

The Summit will be the year’s largest global gathering on coal power phase-out, bringing together leaders from national governments, regions and cities, banks and investors, energy majors and grid operators, academia and NGO, youth and health groups to share their experiences and best practices on coal phase-out. The Summit will also provide an opportunity for those countries where coal phase-out represents a challenge to join expert discussions on ways in which they could consider a trajectory away from coal.

At the PPCA summit, we must all come together to help make 2021 a leap towards a fairer, safer, healthier world.

Carbon Tracker, in collaboration with the Government of Germany, is co-leading Interactive Session 1: Dialogue: Cost-efficient and sustainable pathways for meeting future power demand.

Last year, several countries announced to review their plans for meeting future power demand in a cost-efficient, reliable and sustainable manner, including a reduced role of coal.  Participants of this policy dialogue session will be invited to share their experiences in driving this kind of changes in the political economy and managing these planning processes in the power sector.

Carbon Tracker is a partner of the PPCA.

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