6 March | Online

The world’s energy system is rapidly shifting to a superior alternative, one that is driven by renewable wind, water and solar technologies. The financial implications of this transition span the entire spectrum of investment vehicles, and could radically change the global GDP landscape and by default the Corporate and Sovereign debt markets. It is also vital that policymakers understand that the cheque book for their fiscal policies maybe closing.

By building on our Navigating Peak Demand report, “Petrostates of Decline” reinforces why a strategy aimed at maintaining, or even growing oil and gas production via new fossil fuel projects is increasingly high risk.

The Webinar will discuss –
The vulnerability of 40 PetroStates in terms of their relative dependence and potential declines in oil and gas revenue as demand falls.
Petrostates’ ability to adapt given rising debt, lower credit worthiness and socio-economic challenges.
Potential mitigating strategies and the implications for global policy makers and investors.

With the objective of –
providing provide policymakers, institutional investors and other financial institutions with the information and insights to better understand the risks facing those economies (& its creditors) that are heavily reliant on fossil fuel revenues to fund their fiscal policies.

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