Emission reduction pledges tabled by 147 nations in advance of the COP21 talks put the world on course for a 2.7°c rise in temperature by the end of the century – not enough to prevent the severe effects of climate change impacting a growing global population expected to need 35% more food, 40% more water and 50% more energy by 2030.

The long term risks to investors have been well documented, but a recent report by the University of Cambridge indicates that investors could lose up to 45% of their global investment portfolios as a consequence of short-term shifts in climate change sentiment.

Institutional investors have a pivotal role to play in moving the needle on climate change. They also need to understand the risks and opportunities posed by the political, economic and regulatory transformations required to keep global temperatures below 2°c.

MSCI and Carbon Tracker invite investors to join this webinar to analyze the COP21 fine print, dissect the outcomes, and speak with experts who attended the talks.



Mats Andersson, CEO, AP4 and Co-Founder, Portfolio Decarbonisation Coalition (PDC)
Mark Campanale,Founder and Executive Director, Carbon Tracker Initiative
Stephanie Pfeifer,Chief Executive, Institutional Investor Group on Climate Change
Moderator: Véronique Menou,Head of Thematic Investing, MSCI