26 October | Online

Amidst an energy crisis and a power supply crunch, the Japanese power sector is today experiencing unprecedented stress owing to its deep dependence on fossil fuels. The country, has recently subscribed to a G7 pledge of achieving a predominantly decarbonised power sector by 2035, but Japan’s current policy framework is insufficient to deliver this goal, and a significant acceleration in renewables deployment is required.

As the Japanese government is currently reviewing its existing carbon pricing mechanism, Carbon Tracker’s upcoming report “Put a Price on It” proposes a carbon pricing mechanism that can accelerate the energy transition in Japan while reducing energy bills and increasing energy security.

This webinar will include a research presentation from the report author at Carbon Tracker on the key findings of “Put a Price on it”. This will be followed by short a presentation from InfluenceMap on corporate engagement with climate and carbon pricing policy in Japan. Finally, a panel discussion with experts from the region will explore the implications of carbon pricing reform from the point of view of industry and investors. The discussion will consider how to address the main barriers that are hampering Japan’s transition away from fossil fuels. Audience input will be welcomed  with a Q&A session to conclude the webinar.

Speakers include:

  • Lorenzo Sani – Associate Power Analyst – Carbon Tracker
  • Monica Nagashima – Country Manager Japan – Influence Map
  • Dr Naoki Matsuo – Principal Researcher – IGES
  • Isshu Kikuma – Japan Energy Analyst – BNEF
  • Anjali Viswamohanan – Director of Policy – AIGCC
  • Makiko Arima –Environmental Consultant– [Chair]

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