Fossil Fuel Supply and Climate Policy
24-25 September | Oxford

Our Founder, Mark Campanale, and Senior Researcher, Andrew Grant, will be speaking at the Fossil Fuel Supply and Climate Policy Conference in September.

Andrew will be speaking on the panel Connecting the dots between climate goals and fossil fuel producers at 15:15 on Monday 24 September. He will be speaking alongside:

  • Greg Muttitt, Oil Change International
    The sky’s limit: How achieving the Paris goals leaves no room for new fossil fuels
  • Richard Heede, Climate Accountability Institute
    An update of operational and product emissions traced to major carbon producers in the context of climate litigation.
  • Yonatan Strauch and Angela Carter, University of Waterloo
    Institutionalizing 2°C carbon budgets across social movements, the financial sector and international climate 

Mark will be moderating the panel The economics of supply-side climate policy on Monday 24 September at 13:45. Speakers on the panel will be:

  • Bill Hare, Climate Analytics
    Implications of natural gas extraction in Western Australia for achieving climate targets
  • Frank Jotzo, Centre for Climate Economics and Policy, The Australian National University
    Coal taxes as an economic instrument for structural adjustment
  • Franziska Holz, DIW Berlin
    Coal phase-out implications for the international steam coal market: The risk of asset stranding in the COALMOD-World model
  • Nico Bauer, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
    Divestment prevails over the green paradox when anticipating strong future climate policies
  • Taran Fæhn, Statistics Norway,
    The Paris Agreement and supply-side policies

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