15 September | Online

It’s like Alice, peering through a Looking Glass and seeing the future of Energy and all the related markets.

OK, we all know that renewables wins the race for electricity generation. But what happens next?

We would like to invite you to a webinar will you will be shown two similar future visions – of the electricity industry, the stock market, and of all major industrials.

Speakers include:

Peter White, CEO of Rethink Technology Research and Principal Analyst of Rethink Energy, who will paint his vision of a fight between Tesla-class superstocks which ignore financial fundamentals and promise the earth, every 100-year-old company is threatened with extinction.

Kingsmill Bond, Energy Strategist, Carbon Tracker will explore The impact of the energy transition on financial markets, covering the Terminal Decline in fossil fuel groups and what they must do to avoid their fate.

Join the discussion, led by Peter and Kingsmill, with questions from Harry Morgan (Rethink Energy senior analyst) and put your own questions to them all.

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Illustration by Molly Bult for Rethink Technology Research

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