16 February | Online

“Automakers must transition to produce low and zero emission vehicles, for the survival of their business as a going concern.” 

The Automotive Industry’s Net Zero plans are not just a reaction to the climate crisis, they are a survival plan. 


UK New Vehicle Sales – BEV and ICE Market Share – Adoption S-Curve 

Source: New AutoMotive, Carbon Tracker. Note: The individual data points show actual new sales market share. Sales are averaged over a 3-month rolling period. The S-Curves are plotted using a logistic function with the projection shown with a dashed line. ‘ICE’ is defined as all vehicles with an internal combustion engine, including hybrids.


The Automotive Energy Transition will not be linear and leading data is beginning to show that it is beginning to follow the classic S-Curve; automakers who are currently behind that curve are in grave danger of their product line-up becoming stranded when coupled with increasingly strict vehicle emissions policy. 

Join us for a panel discussion on the switch to e-mobility for automakers. 

 The ‘Electric Drive to Survive’ webinar seeks to help investors and industry observers identify how to analyse the automotive energy transition and will examine: 

  • The Speed of Transition: how quickly automakers are switching to e-mobility?  
  • Policy pitfalls – the loopholes: where are they, and why? 
  • Winners and Losers: who are the leaders of the pack and who are the laggards?  
  • Climate alignment: relative alignment of automakers to the Paris Agreement? 

Panel Speakers: 

  • Ben Scott, Carbon Tracker
  • Ben Nelmes, New Automotive 
  • Lauren Pamma, Green Finance Institute 
  • Claire Miller, Octopus Electric Vehicles

Moderated by Harry Benham, New Automotive. 



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