16 June | Online

Join this exclusive webinar for the launch of “Double or Nothing” scrutinising Asset Retirement Obligations (AROs) for companies in the Gulf of Mexico.

The analysis discusses how US regulators are gambling on the future self-interest of large oil and gas companies to decommission the Gulf of Mexico’s aging infrastructure through a complex system of contingent liabilities that amounts to tens of billions in unsecured decommissioning costs. 

If you are concerned about the regulations governing financial responsibility for industry’s decommissioning costs, or if you own, analyse or advise any of the ten companies mentioned in the report – ExxonMobil, Hess, Eni, Chevron, Equinor, Woodside, BP, Shell, Occidental, or Murphy Oil – this report is a critical read. 

Report authors Rob Schuwerk and Stephen Greenslade will be presenting the findings and taking questions from the Chair and the audience.

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