13 October | Online

As your peers target new paths to growth, they’re eagerly embracing some strategies: 38% are investing in artificial intelligence (AI). But they’re taking a more cautious route with some public facing trends, including ESG. Discover what’s behind the disconnect – and how fintech can help you bridge the gaps.

Adopting AI solutions is the most popular strategy to improve competitiveness in the coming 12 months. And you’re starting to understand that AI is about more than just process efficiencies; 36% are investing in AI or machine learning to strengthen compliance and risk management, while 35% will use it to analyse large data sets.

But while AI is making real inroads, ESG strategies are lower on the priority list. ESG investments expected to pass $100 trillion by 2030. However, in the next 12 months, firms are more focused on investing in ESG compliance and reporting requirements than ESG-focused products and services to drive growth.

So the question remains, where is the industry placing the big bets? How is technology driving the next wave of growth? And how can fintech help you execute your strategies successfully?

Join this webinar to explore these critical issues as well as the latest findings from FIS Readiness Report.

Mark Campanale, Founder and Executive Chairman from Carbon tracker will be participating as a speaker.

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