17 March | Online

After being the centre of coal controversy, Poland is looking to transition energy production from coal into gas power to bring down emissions.

Poland’s planned new gas power plants however will undermine EU climate targets, could cost Polish taxpayers billions, push up energy prices and expose the country to pressure from foreign gas suppliers. Carbon Tracker’s latest analysis Poland’s Energy Dilemma finds that plants due to open in the next five years are already more costly than new wind or solar per MWh.

Could Poland be vulnerable to further controversy around planned power investments similar to the legal case against Ostroleka C coal fired power unit? What does renewable uptake look like in Poland out to 2050?

This webinar will explore the Carbon Tracker’s analysis on Poland and host an expert discussion with regional energy, policy and environmental specialists. Speakers include:

  • Monika Morawiecka, Senior Advisor, Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP)
  • Paweł Czyżak, Senior Energy & Climate Data Analyst, Ember
  • Jonathan Sims, Senior Analyst, Carbon Tracker
  • Lorenzo Sani, Associate Power Analyst, Carbon Tracker

The session will be moderated by Richard Folland, Policy & Government Affairs Advisor, Carbon Tracker

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