19 May | Online

With societal pressure to act on climate, oil and gas companies are continuing to set climate targets, with many now having “net zero” goals.

Such climate ambitions vary significantly both in the metrics they use and the likelihood of being achieved given differing company approaches to emissions mitigations.

During this webinar, Mike Coffin, Head of Oil, Gas & Mining, will present an overview of their latest report on the corporate emissions goals of oil and gas companies, assessing these against CTI’s Hallmarks of Paris Compliance before providing a relative ranking of companies.

This third annual iteration reviews corporate updates over the past year with a greater emphasis on downstream products sold, before focusing on the credibility of these climate targets given the heavy reliance on as-yet-unproven technologies such as CCUS and direct air capture. A set of credibility criteria will be outlined to enable investors and others to engage with companies around their approach to emissions reductions.

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