22 April | Online webinar

As You Sow is hosting this webinar on the opportunities and risks of fossil free investing and how aligning investing with your values may be your safest path to a secure retirement portfolio. The webinar will include a tour of FossilFreeFunds.org.

Mark Campanle, our Founder and Executive Chair, will be speaking on the panel alongside:

  • Andrew Behar, CEO of As You Sow
  • Kathy Hipple, Financial Analyst of Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis
  • Bob Litterman, Partner at Kepos Capital

Fossil fuel companies — from “supermajors” like ExxonMobil to small oil-field service companies — have been the most volatile and weakest financially performing sector in the U.S. for the last decade. That was before the Covid-19 pandemic brought on a sudden economic slowdown, and the price of oil collapsed to a nearly two-decade low. With a wave of debt coming due through 2024, a prolonged period of low demand and lack of credit could push many fossil fuel companies into bankruptcy especially the small ones that may be gobbled up in a wave of acquisitions.

There is a way to avoid this risk — fossil free investing. It’s not just about saying no to investing in the companies profiting from the destruction of the climate, it is about de-risking your portfolio. Choosing fossil free funds for your retirement savings may offer protection from energy sector volatility, and those freed-up dollars can be reinvested in sustainable clean energy and other sectors important to the transition to a low-carbon economy.

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