4 April | Online

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The Russia Ukraine war has triggered both a policy shift towards clean energy independence and debate around a longer life span for fossil fuels in the global energy mix. Will the crisis extend fossil fuel dependency?  Or will policy makers double down on energy security through renewables?

The Inevitable Policy Response FPS sees clean energy security as an increasing driver behind the forecast acceleration of climate policy throughout the 2020s.

Climate Bonds Initiative forecasts an expansion to $5trillion in annual green investment by 2025, as with clean energy figuring prominently as investors respond to opportunity.

Carbon Tracker’s latest oil and gas analysis warns of billions in stranded assets on investor books in the 2030s if short term high prices drive an unsustainable burst of industry capex and exploitation.

A Special Webinar Event from Global NGOs

Using IPR forecast policy scenarios (FPS), Carbon Tracker oil and gas industry analysis and Climate Bonds market data this special webinar event for investors and policy makers will assess the current uncertainties and political responses against long term trends in climate policy, green finance and energy transition.


  • Kavita Srinivasan, Senior Manager, Vivid Economics

Speakers include:

  • Mark Fulton – Project Director, Inevitable Policy Response (IPR)
  • Catharina Hillenbrand von der Neyen, Head of Research, Carbon Tracker
  • Sean Kidney – CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative

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