19 September | New York & Online

The Global Registry of Fossil Fuels is the first-ever fully transparent, public database which tracks fossil fuel production worldwide and its impacts on the global carbon budget.

Developed by Carbon Tracker Initiative, with data support from Global Energy Monitor, the Global Registry received initial support from France, Sweden, Luxembourg and Nauru at COP26 in Glasgow. Other countries are now coming forward to support, as they see how the Global Registry – as an interactive database and dashboard  – will help governments make decisions to align their fossil fuel production with the Paris Agreement’s 1.5oC temperature goal. The Global Registry will also enable investors, civil society and other stakeholders to assess production decisions in the context of the carbon budget and climate policies. 

The Global Registry ensures accountability by translating fossil fuel reserves and production data into greenhouse gas emissions in order to measure the impact of continued production on the carbon budget. Using fully open-source data combined with a new cutting edge emissions conversion model, the Global Registry demonstrates the scale of CO2 emissions associated with each country’s national reserves and production, and will help governments and policymakers more generally with the fundamental question of how to manage a global just transition away from fossil fuels to meet the Paris goals.

Speakers will include representatives from country governments, the UN, Carbon Tracker and Global Energy Monitor.

This will be a hybrid event. The venue in New York will be announced shortly.

To attend in person, please e-mail exilas@carbontracker.org.

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