8 February | Online

This webinar, aimed at Derbyshire County and District Councillors, is designed to look at the evidence about the financial risks of fossil fuel investment and answer questions that Councillors may have about the Derbyshire Pension Fund’s continued investment in fossil fuels and possible alternatives. For example,
• What are the risks of continued investment in fossil fuel companies?
• Isn’t it better to engage with the companies rather than divesting?
• Are there alternative investments that can provide equal or better value to fossil fuel companies?
• Aren’t fossil fuel companies part of the solution?

The webinar will be chaired by Derbyshire County Councillor Gez Kinsella and is organised by the Derbyshire Pensioners’ Action Group. Following the presentation there will be a Q&A session.

Mark Campanale, Founder & Executive Chairman will be participating in the discussion.

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