We are in the midst of a dramatic paradigm shift. The way in which we produce, distribute and use energy will undergo a radical transformation over the next two decades. To succeed in transition, industry must come together to understand both risk and opportunity.

Reuters Events Energy Transition Summit (November 23-24th, London) unites leaders and experts from across the energy spectrum to break news, set benchmarks and tackle the energy transition head-on. In a period defined by uncertainty, we can, together, lighten the way forward.

Combining onstage inspiration with offstage Chatham House Rule discussions, the two-day flagship will cover four key themes:

  • Leadership in the Age of Transition: With a series of critical tipping point approaching, are you ready to lead through the most transformative period of modern history?
  • Governance: Do we face a ‘governance deficit’? What are the driving governing forces and how do these differ internationally?
  • Financing the Transition: where will the funds come from and who will stake claim to projects that will redefine our industry?
  • New Energy Infrastructure: Knowing which technologies are ready for scale is key to understanding opportunity

Over the two days, we will shed light upon how the transition will be led, governed and financed, offering a definitive guide to transition strategy and allowing industry to set its own targets. We are committed to enabling energy companies to meet a uniquely difficult challenge. That is, to be both an energy company of today, and the energy companies of tomorrow.

Kingsmill Bond, Energy Strategist, will be speaking on the panel “The Bursting Bubble, Stranded Assets & Pivot Portfolios” on Day 1.

Andrew Grant, Head of Climate, Energy and Industry Research, will be speaking on the panel “Investor Engagement, ESG, and Aligning with Paris” on Day 1.

Carbon Tracker is a partner of this year’s Energy Transition Summit.

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