13 September | London

Economist Impact’s ESG and Climate Risk Week will discuss the best ways to identify, measure, manage and report on ESG issues and climate-related risks. The event will provide an intellectual agenda for managing risks and opportunities, with practical lessons you can immediately apply to your organisation. And it underscores why a siloed approach to managing ESG issues will no longer work in 2022 and beyond.

Barbara Davidson, our Head of Accounting, Audit & Disclosure will be moderating the session: Creating accountability—is reporting there yet? This session will be discussing:

  • To what extent will the new International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) be able to create a common baseline for disclosure standards that is consistent across jurisdictions and industries?
  • Could 2022 bring about convergence on ESG data, metrics and reporting requirements?
  • How does the ISSB fit in with existing reporting and ESG disclosure frameworks?
  • How should providers of ESG ratings respond to concerns around their methods?
  • What risks arise from the lack of transparency around proprietary rating methods?

Catharina Hillenbrand von der Neyen, our Head of Research will also be participating and moderating the session: What institutional investors expect from asset managers. Asset owners are increasingly concerned with the way asset managers assess ESG risks to inform decisions on buyouts and acquisitions, and how they subsequently manage those risks to protect value and generate income.

  • How are asset managers stepping up their ESG strategies and plans?
  • How can they improve disclosures on financial and nonfinancial metrics?

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