Sink or swim

2 July  |  London

Carbon Tracker is marketing partner of the inaugural Climate Risk Summit of The Economist Events, which will bring together policymakers, business leaders, scientists and investors to begin a conversation about how organisations around the world can understand and manage climate-related risks. What impact will such risks have on markets and the economy? How can they be managed and mitigated? And how can businesses and investors seize the opportunities presented by climate change?

Featured topics include:

  • How is climate risk being disclosed and reported, and what can be done to improve transparency?
  • How can investors put pressure on companies to be more transparent and get better at assessing and reporting risk?
  • Which models are available to inform corporations on their current and future risks?
  • As the global economy moves to a lower-carbon model, how prepared are corporate giants in industries like energy and car-manufacturing?
  • What is the risk to global financial stability if companies don’t get better at managing and disclosing climate-related risk? How can this global risk be managed and mitigated?

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