The $2 trillion stranded assets danger zone: How fossil fuel firms risk destroying investor returns

This new Carbon Tracker analysis updates the previous oil, coal and gas supply cost curves for the next 2 decades identifying areas where pressure is building to cancel capex.

In the run up to the Paris COP21 with INDCs announced, the review will bring together the three fossil fuels under a global carbon budget and under the impact of lower demand scenarios.

The report provides  a tool to enable investors and policymakers to understand the choices that need to be made to contract the fossil fuel sector in line with the carbon budget, and help identify key areas of risk that can be avoid at a critical time in the development of the global energy system.


Nathan Fabian, Director of Policy and Research, PRI;

Anthony Hobley, CEO at Carbon Tracker;

James Leaton, Research Director at Carbon Tracker;

Mark Campanale, Founder and Executive Director at Carbon Tracker;

Howard Covington, Adviser at Preventable Surprises, Trustee at Client Earth and Chair at the Alan Turing Institute;

Emma Howard-Boyd, Deputy Chair at the Environment Agency and Chair at the Environment Agency Pension Fund investment committee;

Meryam Omi, Head of Sustainability at Legal and General IM;

Elad Jelasko, Associate Director – Credit Analyst (Commodities) at S&P.

Jeremy Leggett, Chairman – Carbon Tracker

This in an invite-only event limited to 50 places.