Business Green Leaders Briefing
Navigating The TCFD Maze
21 September | London

Head of Carbon Tracker research, Mark Lewis, will be speaking at the Business Green Leader’s half-day briefing on the TCFD.

Saker Nusseibeh, who is Chair of our Board of Directors and CEO of Hermes Investment Management, will also be giving the opening keynote speach at 9:10.

Corporate awareness of the TCFD recommendations and their implications remains relatively low, while even those companies that are engaging with the recommendations are often unclear on how best to ensure they deliver the promised benefits.

This conference offers sustainability executives, financial directors and investors the opportunity to access the latest guidance on how to navigate the TCFD maze and embrace fast-evolving trends for more sophisticated climate risk disclosure.

Mark will be speaking on the first panel of the day at 10:05.

Panel discussion: Can TCFD bring organisational benefits?

  • Why have the TCFD recommendations been introduced?
  • Why are businesses being encouraged to embrace them? Should they be?
  • In what ways can the recommendations enhance business performance?
  • In what ways can the recommendations enhance environmental performance?

Mark will be speaking alongside Lisa Walker, CEO of Ecosphere+, and Alice Garton, Head of Climate Programme at Client Earth.

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