12 July | London

With LAPFF’s Annual Conference proving popular amongst members, investors, partners and stakeholders, the Forum is organising a Mid Year Conference on 12 July at Church House in London. Programme details have now been finalised, with a variety of panels covering all three branches of ESG Investment.

The Conference begins with a look back at AGM season and LAPFF’s voting positions, before a discussion about linking executive pay with climate metrics and whether it’s the right way to tackle the climate crisis. The next panel will look at the role of companies in ending modern slavery and what more investors can do, before business ends with a panel on European investor litigation.

Mark Campanale, our Founder and Director will be moderating the session, Can you incentivise climate action: Linking climate metrics with executive pay.

As part of the push to deliver a rapid shift to net zero, companies are increasingly including climate metrics in their executive pay policies. But are the metrics robust and is executive pay the right way to deliver climate action?

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