During COP 20 climate negotiations in Lima, Carbon Tracker will present at the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Climate Finance Day.

AIDAClimate InteractiveCarbon Tracker InitiativeE3G, GFLAC, and WRI, with the support of Zennström Philanthropies, will host a one-day public event: the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Climate Finance Day during the COP 20 in Lima, Peru. The event will be held on December 6th, 2014 from 9:00 to 18:00, at the Swissotel, Room Inka 1 and 2, Lima, Peru during COP20. Simultaneous translation (Spanish to English and English to Spanish) will be available throughout the sessions.

This forum will take advantage of the strategic opportunity to convene stakeholders from various sectors to facilitate dialogue and build capacity on key climate finance issues affecting the region. It aims to build connections among researchers, policymakers, business leaders, civil society, and representatives from financial institutions in order to build a stronger financial landscape for addressing the critical needs of climate change.

Some of the themes that will be discussed include mobilizing private sector finance, creating readiness for climate finance in developing countries, and ensuring that climate finance is deployed with transparency and accountability.


LAC Climate Finance Day December 6th 2014
Swissotel, Lima, Peru
Room Inka 1 and 2



Opening Session: How Can LAC Countries Prosper by Shifting Investment Toward Climate Change Solutions
Invited Speakers:

  • Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
  • Manuel Pulgar-Vidal: Minister of Environment, Peru
  • Marcelo Mena: Vice Minister, Ministry of Environment, Chile
  • Naoko Ishii: CEO, Global Environmental Facility
  • Andrew Steer, President and CEO, World Resources Institute
9:00 9:40
Session 1: The Green Climate Fund: Opportunities for Transformational Change in LAC
Panel discussion, followed by Q&A session
Moderator: Sandra Guzman, Coordinator of the Latin American and Caribbean Finance Group
Invited Speakers:

  • Carolina Fuentes Castellanos: Secretary of the Board of the Green Climate Fund
  • Jacqueline Melgar: Director of the Climate Change Finance Management, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador
  • Aurelio Souza: Member of the Private Sector Advisory Group of the Green Climate Fund
  • Andrea Rodriguez: Senior Attorney for the Climate Change program of the Inter-American Association for Environmental Defense
9:40 10:40
Session 2: Strategic National Approaches to Climate Finance
Short introductory interventions followed by discussion and questions from the audience.
Moderator: Amal-Lee Amin, Associate Director, E3G
Invited Speakers:

  • Marcelo Mena: Vice Minister, Ministry of Environment, Chile
  • Alexander Martínez Montero: Sub-directorate of Sustainable Environmental Development, National Planning Department, Colombia
  • María Paz Cigarán: Head Director of Libélula, Peru
  • Rodrigo Violic: Banco BICE and Member of the Private Sector Advisory Group of the Green Climate Fund
10:40 11:40
Coffee break 11:40 12:00
Session 3: Mobilizing Private Capital: a Conversation with Development and Private Sector Banks
Moderated conversations, followed by Q&A
Moderator: Aman Srivastava, Research Analyst, WRI
Invited Speakers:

  • Maria Netto: Project Team Leader, Inter-American Development Bank
  • Luis Fernando Arboleda: President, Findeter
  • Jorge Ramos: General Manager, COFIDE
  • Beatriz Ocampo, Manager, Environmental Sustainability, Bancolombia
12:00 13:00
Lunch break  13:00 14:00
Session 4: Enhancing Transparency and Accountability for Climate Finance: Experience from LAC (Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru)
Panel discussion followed by Q&A
Moderator: Sandra Guzman, Coordinator of the Latin American and Caribbean Finance Group
Invited Speakers:

  • Maria Martha Di Paolo: Researcher, Economics and Environment, Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (FARN)
  • Virginia Scardamaglia: FLACSO
  • Javier Hernandez: Researcher, Chile Transparente
  • Melani Pelaez: Associate, Grupo Faro
  • Lucia Palao: SPDA
  • Aroa De La Fuente: Fundar
14:00 15:00
Session 5: Driving Investors’ Engagement in Technological Innovation to Combat and Adapt to Climate Change
Panel discussion followed by Q&A session
Moderator: Vanessa Perez-Cirera, Director, Climate Change and Energy Program, WWF Mexico
Invited Speakers:

  • Rodrigo Gallegos: Climate Change Director at the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO); or Luis Aguirre: CEO, GreenMomentum
  • Geraldine Ang: Policy Analyst, Green investment, OECD
  • JICA
  • CERES/Cleantech Group
15:00 16:00
Coffee break 16:00 16:30
Session 6: What if? Policy and Financial Tools to Drive Change in Capital Investment
Presentations followed by Q&A session
Moderator: Margherita Gagliardi, Communications Officer, Carbon Tracker Initiative
Invited Speakers:

  • Drew Jones: Co-Director, Climate Interactive
  • Jeremy Leggett: Non-executive Chairman, Carbon Tracker Initiative, Founder and Non-executive Chairman at Solarcentury
  • Sean Kidney: CEO and Cofounder, Climate Bonds Initiative
  • GFLAC: Vania Montalvo, Climate Finance Leader, Mexican Transparency
16:30 17:30
Closing reception
Closing remarks, followed by a cocktail reception
Invited Speakers: TBD
17:30 18:00


We look forward to seeing you at the LAC Climate Finance Day.

Further details of the event and online registration can be found here.

The press conference will take place the day before – 5th December, 10.30am – 11.00am at the UNFCCC media centre (Cuartel General del Ejercito del Perú) – conference room 2, level 1.