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This event will bring together a high-level panel of financial analysts, investors and energy companies to discuss how climate change impacts and affects their investment patterns and business models. The dialogue will include Carbon Tracker presentation of our most recent financial analysis, mapping stranded asset risk in a low-carbon world. It will also examine how investors are already incorporating long-term targets in order to facilitate an orderly transition to meet the 2 degree target.

The co-organisers:

Carbon Tracker Initiative, Ceres, Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC), Climate Markets and Investment Association (CMIA)

Keynote Speech

Al Gore, Founder, Climate Reality Project


Part 1: Presentation of financial analysis: The $2 trillion stranded assets danger zone

Moderator: Stephanie Pfeifer, CEO IIGCC


  1. Anthony Hobley, CEO, Carbon Tracker
  2. Timur Gül, Senior Energy Analyst, IEA
  3. Zoe Knight, Managing Director HSBC
  4. Mindy Lubber, CEO, Ceres

Discussion topics:

  1. Carbon Tracker short presentation of new report: “The $2 trillion stranded assets danger zone: How fossil fuel firms risk destroying investor returns”
  2. What are the future scenarios for oil, gas and coal demand in the next decades? What role do technological developments in the renewable energy, and energy-efficiency play in the energy transition?
  3. What set of information and tools do investors need in order to correctly price the fossil fuel premium risk and level the playing field between brown and green investments?


Part 2: Climate Action Dialogue, responding to the analysis

This second panel will feature a dialogue between companies and investors on how industry must align its business strategy with a 2˚C degree scenario and therefore the interests of long-term investors.

Moderator: Richard Folland, Executive Director CMIA


  1. Saker Nusseibeh, CEO, Hermes
  2. Jack Ehnes, CEO CalSTRS
  3. Sharan Burrow, General Secretary, International Trade Union Confederation ITUC
  4. Gérard Moutet, Chair of the Executive Committee of the Oil & Gas Climate Initiative and Vice-President, Climate-Energy, Total (TBC)

Discussion topics:

  1. The Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney recently waned investors about the potential impact of stranded assets on future financial stability. How can investors in fossil fuels incorporate and manage the so-called ‘carbon asset risk’?
  2. As Christiana Figueres effectively pointed out, we are not living in a Business As Usual world anymore, we are living in a Business As Urgent world. Are companies stress-testing their business models on a 2˚C world?

Closing remarks

Anthony Hobley, CEO, Carbon Tracker

COP accreditation required.