How to shift the trillions?

A few months ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP 21), the question of the trillions of dollars that will be required to limit Global Warming to 2 degrees is more pressing than ever.

A growing number of private financial operators throughout the world are getting involved in order to redirect capital towards a low-carbon and resilient growth.

The Climate Finance Day will showcase these pioneering initiatives, help mobilize the financial sector and evidence the relevance of private climate finance solutions, both for developing and developed countries.

Anthony Hobely, CEO of Carbon Tracker will present our research findings and regulatory approach to financial regulators, policy-makers and investors during the morning plenary session on climate secure investment strategies.

How can institutional investors transition their portfolios to align with 2°C?”

Moderated by Izabella Kaminska, Financial Times who may first draw a short overview of Finance and climate action.

Themes for this session:

– What is divestment useful for?

– What can we expect from shareholder engagement?

– Portfolio Carbon footprint and then?

– How to green portfolios?


Martin SKANCKE, chair of the expert group appointed by the Norwegian Government pension fund on strategies in coal and petroleum companies; chair of the PRI advisory council
Philippe ZAOUATI, CEO, Mirova
Priya Sara MATHUR, member of the board, Calpers
A representative of PGGM (trustee)* or APG* or KLP*
A representative of Caixa Econômica Federal (Brazil)
Representative of emerging country asset manager
NGO: Anthony HOBLEY, CEO, Carbon Tracker

For more information on this event, please visit the official page of the International Climate Finance Day.