22 June | London

Hydrogen projects are currently the most sought-after Energy deals, whether in Europe, in Middle East, Asia or Americas, with the market growing total investment into projects and along the whole value chain amounts to an estimated $500 billion through 2030.

HGS London is a private closed-doors meeting among Hydrogen deal leaders seeking for partners to form JVs or financing for their next project, across global value-chain (production, distribution, storage, consumption).

During the two-day event, multiple government authorities, Financial Institutions & Funds, Local and Supranational Policy Limbs, Venture Capital & Hedge Funds, Hydrogen Startups, Cleantech pioneers just to name a few, will join forces to discuss and showcase the technologies needed to achieve carbon neutrality.

Kofi Mbuk, Senior CleanTech Analyst at Carbon Tracker will be participating in the panel “Feasibilities of Cleantech Integration in Existing & Future Net-zero economies”. 

This session will discuss:

  • Bridging to renewables with competing fuels – winner takes all or technological merges to come?
  • The role of Hydrogen in bridging traditional energy markets to net-zero
  • Infrastructural overhauls or adaptations for year round storage and safe Hydrogen transmission?
  • Carbon Capture realities for energy markets and the investor landscape
  • Highlighting investor pain points in current cleantech & desired bankability elements to work on

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