Green Equities for Asset Owners
16 October | London

Our Founder Mark Campanale will be speaking at the Green Equities for Asset Owners conference, hosted by Environmental Finance.

Mark will be speaking on a panel dedicated to his dear friend Tessa Tennant, who on the advisory board for Carbon Tracker and passed away in July 2018. Tessa was a pioneer in green finance, setting up the UK’s first green investment fund, the Merlin (now Jupiter) Ecology Fund, in 1988, which Mark worked alongside her with.

The panel is at 16:20, and titled Building on the legacy of Tessa Tennant: Expanding the universe of green investments. The discussion points will include:

  • What are the key drivers of green and sustainable investment today and how are they expected to change in the next 5-10 years?
  • A majority of green and climate-aligned equity investments are made in the energy sector – how do we broaden out more rapidly to other parts of the economy?
  • The importance of and progress in financing nationally determined contributions (NDCs)
  • The Ecology Fund co-founded by Tessa was a groundbreaking new product at its launch – what new products do investors need today in order to allocate their capital in line with the 2C goal and SDGs?
  • Where is the responsible investment industry heading and who will be considered a responsible investor in 10 years? How deep will sustainability and climate really be integrated into investment portfolios?

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