17-18 October | Brussels

The Go Net Zero Energy Summit aims to address the practical steps that energy players can take to achieve their net-zero goals and provide valuable insights into real case studies and success stories from energy transition pioneers. The summit’s agenda is focused on showcasing real-world initiatives, projects, and technologies that can assist the energy industry in reaching their targets.

This event caters to a diverse range of companies, including those involved in renewables, oil and gas, chemicals, technology, equipment manufacturing, policy-making, financing, NGOs, consulting, contracting, and utilities.

Key topics for 2023 will include:

  1.  The Global Outlook of key energy transition policies
  2. Financial boom despite obstacles to the scaling up of projects
  3. Energy efficiency – plan of action today and tomorrow 4. International cooperation and global integration of energy systems
  4. Current and new technologies to tackle emissions and increase energy efficiency
  5. Renewables, growth of clean energy demand and challenges on the way
  6. Biggest CCUS projects, hubs – success and failure stories from the pioneers
  7. Biofuels as an energy security guarantee – partnerships, innovations, projects

Ben Scott, Senior Automotive Analyst will be participating in the session Renewables session about Securing the supply of rare earth metals which is central to our energy transition (dependence on China), scalable and feasible alternative raw materials, and use case of materials efficiency.

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