Securing the Future in a Rapidly Evolving Energy Landscape

4 September | Aberdeen

Our New Energy Strategist Kingsmill Bond is speaking at the Oil & Gas Finance and Investment Forum. Kingsmill will be speaking in the morning in the session Competition for funding-who has the capital raising edge?

The panel will be answering the questions:

  1. How will the energy transition unfold, and how will it affect impact the relative competitiveness of energy investments
  2. Which has the competitive edge – deep water or shale? What are the prospects for the continuing growth of shale? Will gas lose out to the growing competitiveness of renewables and batteries?
  3. Can oil and gas companies build sustainable business in the burgeoning new energy field, and will investors support their forays into these lower revenue businesses?

Other panelists include:

Tomás García Blanco, Executive Managing Director of Exploration and Production, Repsol
Alex Grant, Senior Vice President, Global Strategy and Business Development, Equinor
Philip Lambert, CEO, Lambert Energy Advisory 

Moderator: Alan Livsey, Lex Research Editor, Financial Times

Find the full event agenda here.

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