Will oil and coal demand peak by 2020? Are low-carbon technologies set to disrupt energy incumbents? James Leaton, our head of research, will present our latest report, produced in collaboration with Imperial College, at the Financial Times premier conference on the future of energy.

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Panel: Electric Dreams: Will electric cars ever dent the world’s thirst for oil?

Accounting for 17% of CO2 emission and some 90% of oil demand, the electrification of the transportation sector will be a vital component in the world’s efforts to decarbonise the economy and reduce dependency on fossil fuels. Yet despite strong growth, electric vehicles (EVs) still only account for 0.1% of the world’s stock of passenger cars.

  • Can EVs ever be more than a niche product and gain mass market appeal? What is the likely timescale to reach the essential tipping point in EV uptake and penetration?
  • Will current barriers in terms of cost, range, refuelling infrastructure be successfully addressed?
  • What are the implications of EVs for fossil fuel and renewable demand? How much oil demand will they displace, and what would be the implications for price and for the oil industry? Can the solar EV become a commercial success?
  • Will China and India take up EVs at scale? Could a shortage of essential raw materials become a barrier to EV success?

James Leaton, Research Director, Carbon Tracker

Francisco Carranza, Director, Energy Services, Nissan

Ernesto Ciorra, Head of Innovation, Enel

Erik Fairbairn CEO, POD Point