The Next Chapter: Policy, Technology, New Businesses

27 June  |  London

A new sense of urgency has entered the discussions regarding the energy transition. With emissions rising and the realisation that without drastic action the world is on a track to runaway climate change by the end of the century, recognition is growing of the need for a new level of ambition in current efforts to decarbonise and transform the global energy system. Decarbonisation of the industrial sector, heating and transportation, as well as the development of zero emissions technologies, including CCS and hydrogen, are the new frontier, as well as the mass electrification which will be needed to achieve this. Meanwhile, the renewables sector remains fragmented, lacking the capacity for sustained long-term investment on a global scale, the incumbent fossil fuel system remains resilient despite years of effort to displace it, and politicians remain divided against a backdrop of growing populism and signs of a rising carbon backlash.

Carbon Tracker is Supporting Partner of the FT Energy Transition Strategies Summit 2019, which will trace the contours of the energy transition, examining the key issues shaping the market and the fortunes of the companies involved.

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