26 August | Alpbach

The European Forum Alpbach 2023 will follow the theme BOLD EUROPE. Europe must urgently reduce its dependencies, while remaining open to the world. It must become bolder in shaping the world, in regaining its technological competitiveness or in defending its democratic values. A “Bold Europe” is not an option, it is a necessity. 

Mark Campanale, our Founder and Director will be participating in the session, High Polluters in Europe: Can they finance their transition? High-emitting companies, such as those in the energy sector, are major contributors to climate change and will therefore play a critical role in achieving the transition to net-zero. While low-carbon technology investments in the energy sector have increased steadily in recent years, we are far from where we need to be. How can emitters, investors, investment banks and policy makers move the dial on financing the transition? How can capital markets help accelerate this process?

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