18 October | London

With the energy sector now facing the dual challenge of maintaining energy security while also accelerating the shift to renewables, the FT’s Energy Transition Summit 2022 will bring together industry leaders, governments and investors to share actionable advice and debate how the industry can rise to the challenge and deliver secure, affordable and clean energy. For its ninth edition the event will feature a half day of digital content, followed by two days of in-person discussions, networking and exclusive roundtables.

Catharina Hillenbrand von der Neye, Carbon Tracker’s Head of Research will be participating in the panel discussion: The Relationship Between the Energy Transition and the Cost of Energy. This panel will discuss the following questions:

  • Have high oil and gas prices given traditional oil and gas companies a competitive advantage in the energy transition?
  • Should the profits from high prices be invested in future clean energy projects or passed on to the consumer?
  • Given liquidity is already constrained, will gas markets collapse if prices remain high for a long period of time?
  • To what extent will high energy prices erode support from consumers for the energy transition?

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