Carbon Tracker is a partner at the Divest-Reinvest breakfast briefing

An increasing number of institutional investors, including pensions, SWFs, foundations and faith based investors, are committing to divesting from fossil fuels and managing other environmental, social and governance (ESG) related issues in their portfolios.

As these investors increasingly consider divesting from fossil fuels, they must evaluate the potential impact of such a move on their portfolio, how it could alter risk and returns, and consider opportunities for reinvesting those proceeds.

Hear major institutional investors and leading experts discuss key divestment issues including:

  • What are the growing climate-related risks arising in institutional portfolios today?
  • How much divestment is needed to stay on track towards the Paris Agreement climate goals?
  • Does divestment conflict with a plan sponsor’s fiduciary duty to maximize financial returns?
  • Where are the major opportunities for reinvestment in low carbon solutions across asset classes?
  • When does it make sense to engage companies with shareholder resolutions as a means of taking action rather than divesting? 

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