3 December | Dubai

This event in collaboration with CDP and Transparency International will discuss transparency and accountability, from mobilization of climate finance to fossil fuel projects, and how essential they are in making interventions effective and benefiting people and planet. The GST can help realign financial flows and build clear roadmaps, the event underlining stakeholders’ proposals to increase integrity.


  • Transparency is of vital importance as a stepping stone to accountability and ensuring finance flows are aligned to the goals of the Paris Agreement, particularly for communities most vulnerable to the growing impacts of climate change.
  • Tools can help make data publicly accessible and play a role in holding companies and governments to account, ensuring robust governance structures and mechanisms, including policy and regulatory regimes, are in place to track actions and impact.
  • Civil society has a vital role to play in implementing accountability.
  • Developments at COP28, including the conclusion of the Global Stocktake and the UNFCCC Recognition and Accountability Framework, are important to create an enabling environment for accountability to strengthening the Paris rachet mechanism and holding commitments, including governments’ NDCs and financial pledges, to account. The value of public domain data is also highly relevant within the context of fully understanding the impacts of climate risk and the energy transition on the global carbon budget.


Keynote 1: Secretary Ana Toni, Secretary for Climate Change, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change of Brazil

Keynote 2: Lina Castaño, Climate Finance Leader, National Planning Department, Colombia

Moderator: Rachel Owens, Director for Climate Finance, ECF 


  • Pietro Bertazzi, Director of Policy, CDP 
  • Richard Folland, Head of Policy and Engagement, Carbon Tracker
  • Kashif Ali, Executive Director, Transparency International Pakistan
  • Aly Z. Rahim, Global Lead, Social Accountability and Citizen Engagement, World Bank

This event is a UNFCCC side event and hence blue zone badges are required to attend.

Livestream will be available here.