Energy Day UK Pavilion Event

At COP26, 34 countries and five public finance institutions signed the Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETP), committing to end international public support for fossil fuels by the end of 2022 and prioritise support for the clean energy transition. This was an historic moment, with the potential to shift $28bn a year out of fossil fuels and into clean energy.

This event marks the one year anniversary of the launch of the CETP, its purpose is to:

1. Share best practice and showcase robust implementation of CETP commitments, and in turn progress made by signatories since COP26.

2. Demonstrate continued momentum behind this initiative.

3. Discuss how signatories are bridging the gap from fossil fuels to clean energy.

Through the above, this event will explore the decisive role public finance can play in accelerating the global energy transition, discussing challenges and solutions in doing so, and how different partners are delivering on this ambition.


● Moderator – Kate Hughes, Director of International Climate Finance and Strategy

● UK – Alok Sharma, UK COP26 President

● Carbon Tracker – Kofi Mbuk, Lead of Cleantech Research

● France – Stephan Crouzat, Ambassador of Climate Change Negotiations, Renewable Energy and Climate Risk Prevention

● Sweden – Daniel Westlén, State Secretary

● Finland – Jan Wahlberg, Ambassador for Climate Change

● Netherlands – Hon Rob Jetten, Minister for Climate and Energy Policy

● UK Export Finance – Julia Beck, Chief Strategy and Impact Officer

● East African Development Bank – Vivienne Yeda Apopo, Director General

● Zambia – Hons Collins Nzovu, Minister of Green Economy and Environment

● Germany – Stefan Wenzel, Parliamentary State Secretary


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