Climate Action 100+: Achieving the Paris Agreement Goals through Investor Action

1st May | San Francisco

Mark Fulton, Chair of Carbon Tracker’s Research Council will present how Carbon Tracker’s core programmes feed into CA100+ outputs, providing the data analytics that allows investors to understand and evaluate fossil fuel companies’ progress over time.

Climate Action 100+ is the largest collective investor action on climate change the world has ever seen. More than 310 investors with more than $32 trillion in assets under management are engaged with 100 of the largest corporate greenhouse gas emitters and other companies across the global economy that have significant opportunities to drive the clean energy transition and help achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. These investors are calling on companies to curb greenhouse gas emissions, improve governance on climate change, and strengthen climate-related financial disclosures. In order to curb emissions in the most consistent and efficient manner possible, investors use a data-driven company benchmarking framework that compares progress across a range of critical performance metrics. This breakout session will focus on the critical data investors use to evaluate how companies in nearly every sector of the economy perform on their greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals, and how this data is leveraged to drive more effective shareholder action that will help get us to a low-carbon future.

Panel speakers: 

  • Mark Fulton, Chair of Research Council, Carbon Tracker
  • Adam Matthews, Director of Ethics and Engagement, Church of England Pensions Board
  • Leonardo Moreno, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Chief Commercial Officer, AES Corporation
  • Anne Simpson, Director, Board Governance and Strategy, CalPERS

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