7 May | Online

Under the guise of environmental responsibility there is much talk of science-based targets and carbon neutrality yet organisations and sovereign wealth funds still remain heavily invested in fossil fuel industries. Often unbeknown to its stakeholders. Now is the time for bold action and for investments to be made in a planet-positive way. This session will explore the role that social movements and agents of change have in influencing and motivating the divestment from environmentally harmful sectors and why and how the financial sector needs to respond.

Speakers include:

  • Mark Campanale Founder & Executive Chair, Carbon Tracker
  • Dr Ellen Quigley, Advisor to the Chief Financial Officer (Responsible Investment), University of Cambridge
  • Sian Ferguson Trust Executive, Ashden Trust, Mark Leonard Trust and JJ Charitable
  • Harjeet Singh, Strategic Advisor: Global Partnerships, FFNPT Initiative

This event is part of Catalysing Change Week hosted by Catalyst 2030.

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